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枦木 功 Isao Hashinoki

17 July ‒ 8 August 2021

Egen Gallery 初となる企画展、枦木功(ハシノキイサオ)「Landscape_es.cape」を開催いたします。
ライフワークとして撮り続けてきた風景写真。微かな違和感を手掛かりに切り取ることで視覚的な認識を分解し、新たな景色へと再構築するシリーズです。また、制作を通し、10代の頃に初めて自分自身を見つけた「描く」ことに回帰。当時は惹かれながらも閉ざしてきたジャンルや表現にも挑戦していきました。他者という模範から放たれた同日発売の初作品集、さらに写真の外へと広がる個展。そのプロセスは本展のタイトルでもある「エスケープ」、そしてフロイトが提唱した心の構造の1つ「 es(本能的な欲求や衝動)」の解放そのものです。


Egen Gallery is pleased to present its opening exhibition, "Landscape_es.cape" by Isao Hashinoki.
Hashinoki has been taking landscape photographs as his lifework. In this series, he takes a faint sense of discomfort as a cue to cut out a scene, deconstructing our visual perception and reconstructing it into a new landscape. Through this process, he has returned to drawing, a medium in which he first discovered himself as a teenager. He has started to challenge in genres and expressions that he had been attracted to at the time but had distanced himself from. His first book which will be published on the same day as his first exhibition is a release from the model of others, and the show will expand beyond photography. This process is also the title of this exhibition, "escape", and it is also an expression and the release of "es" (instinctive desire and impulse), which is one of the structures of the mind advocated by Freud.
In his book, Hashinoki writes, "The world I have believed in and the world I have not known. Both are independent and cohabitating with each other”. Me, you, and someone else. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The sceneries each of us has seen are all wonderful. There is a quiet affirmation there. We hope you will be able to capture them at the exhibition.

枦木 功
Instagram @landscape_es.cape

2013  solo six, Yellow Cube, Tokyo
2016  あなノなかノあな , TRIP ROOM, Tokyo
2021  Landscape_es.cape, Egen Gallery, Tokyo

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About Egen Gallery

前身にあたる Yellow Cube を経て、2021年7月 Egen Gallery は始まりました。
また Egen Gallery は国内外で多角的に活動し、アーティストと共に成長してゆくことを目指しています。

Formerly known as Yellow Cube, Egen Gallery opened in July 2021.
Egen: the eye of wisdom. The blink of an eye in a small gallery in the back alleys of Omotesando.
We hope that through our works, you will be able to see the world a little more brightly, deeply, sharply, and flexibly.
In addition, Egen Gallery aims to grow together with our artists through diversified activities around the world.
We wish to express the richness of living contemporaneously with our artists in this ever-changing society.

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